What makes Kobe such an easy place to live?

Kobe is a historical port town, where foreigners from all over the world, like Europe, India, China, and south east Asian countries have come to live. They brought with them various aspects of their own cultures, such as cuisine and music, and, as a result of that, Kobe has grown as a vibrant international city. The people of Kobe are welcoming to foreigners and they understand and value foreign cultures in their city. Kobe is different from other big Japanese cities like Tokyo or Osaka. It is a modern, but restful city and it is characterized by its affordable cost of living, its safety and its general easy lifestyle.

Access to the school

By train
  • 8 min on foot from Sannomiya Station of JR Hankyu, Hanshin, Port Liner.
  • 3 min on foot from Motomachi Station of JR, Hanshin.
  • 5 min on foot from Kyukyoryuchi Daimarumae Station of Subway Kaigan line.

From Kansai International Airport to Sannomiya Station

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