Student Support

Student Support

You can feel comfortable in consulting us about anything to do with your life in Japan. We have staff that can speak Chinese / Vietnamese / English, so you can confidently consult with them.

Student Support

We support our students who are facing a problem or difficulty at school as well as in their private life. We also help our students with various matters such as registration with local government, application related to visa status, health issues, part-time job and dormitory etc so that students can feel free and comfortable in their daily life in Japan.

Recruitment, Part-time Job Support

A part-time job not only makes life easier, it is also a good opportunity to learn about Japanese society outside of school and to become closer with Japanese people. Our specialist team of experienced staffs assists the students to find a suitable part-time job. The staffs will also go along with the students for employment interview time to time.

Dormitory, Apartment House

We introduce our students to school dormitories and apartments around our institute to reduce their financial burden and allow them to live safely.

Messages from Students

When I had just come to Japan, I was anxious about lots of things because I could not understand Japanese, however the teachers and senior students helped me in various ways, and I managed to overcome some difficult issues. When I first came to Japan, my teacher came to Kansai Airport to pick me up and took me to the dormitory. I was so relieved. Then, when I was getting used to life in Japan and school classes, the teachers from the Student Division introduced me to a part-time job. Also, my teacher accompanied me to the hospital when I was unwell. When the students are in trouble, the teachers are kind and helpful. The teachers are kind enough to teach you what you need for everyday life (for instance application for residence card, bank procedures, contract for mobile phone etc.). When I came to Japan, I was not able to do anything, but the teachers and senior students were kind to me, and when I saw the efforts my classmates were making, I thought that I would try to do my best as well.

The class of 2018 from Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang

Soon after I came to Japan, I had acute appendicitis and was hospitalized. On the next day, a teacher of the Student Division came to the hospital, asked about my situation, talked with the hospital, and dealt with it. Eventually, I had to undergo surgery. The teacher in the Student Division explained the precautions before surgery in detail, and I was relieved of some of my anxiety about surgery. The operation was over and I came out of the operating room, but the anesthesia was still working so I could only see the teacher’s face dimly. I knew I had been watched over until the late hours of the night and I went to sleep with relief. After that, the teacher conducted procedures such as taking care of insurance at the ward office for me while I was hospitalized. Even now, I am truly full of gratitude.

The class of 2018 from China
Jin Linf Jie
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