Let’s study Japanese at Tomifuji Foreign Language Academy!

Tomifuji Foreign Language Academy

Tomifuji Foreign Language Academy is a 5 minute walk from Motomachi Station in the centre of Kobe. The institute is conveniently located and offers an environment where you can focus on studying for university, graduate school and employment. Based on our 30 years of experience, our excellent instructors guide students on the path to satisfying their various future plans. We also provide support and advice on your everyday living requirements. For students who live away from their countries and families, we assist with introductions to housing and part-time jobs, and we hold events and other activities. We put a lot of effort into making every student’s life abroad enjoyable and meaningful outside of school hours.


  • Entrance elevator
    Entrance elevator
  • Reception
  • Office


  • Classroom
  • Lounge
  • Vending machine
    Vending machine
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