Dormitory, Apartment House

To reduce financial burden and allow to live safely, we introduce our students to school dormitories and apartments around our institute and arrange rentals for them.

There are single rooms (from 24,000 yen / month) and rooms for 2-3 people (from 30,000 yen / month) in the school dormitories. Some room rentals include utility costs and others do not. There are various types of rooms.

However, since the number of school dormitory rooms are limited, it is not all students can be put in rooms immediately. Please inform us of requests to move in to the dormitory up to two weeks before coming to Japan.

In addition, when you move in, there will be an extra cost of about one month’s accommodation fee as key money (no refund).

Dormitory, Apartment House

  • Satellite-BLD
    Kobeshi Hyogokenku Nishidemachi 2-1-3, 653-0082

  • アコーズタワー新神戸

  • Yume Apartment
    2-12 Hyogo-ku, Yumeno chou, Kobe, 652-0063

  • Satellite-BLD
    Hyogo-ku, Hyogo-cho 2-1-18, Kobe, 653-0813

  • 中山手通テラスハウス

  • 山本通男子寮

  • 湊コーポラス


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