Educational Trip

Study Tour of Panasonic-museum & Osaka Castle Park

Today we made a study tour of Panasonic-museum & Osaka Castle Park.

◎ Panasonic-museum  is a museum to show us this major global company of Panasonic Electric and the career of Mr. Matsushita who   started this great company at the age of 22.

There are large amount of electronic and electrical devices of each period on display and there is also a audio-visuals to interact with.

We enjoyed ourselves here and were fascinated by their hierarchy and global domination.

Our School Principle, Mr Aoki who had worked here,  told us lots of detailed history and management of Japanese companies.

◎ Osaka castle is a symbol of Osaka and was originally built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.  

Its donjon has an observatory that commands a breath-taking panorama of Osaka City.

The lower floors of the renovated donjon exhibit a collection of armor and memorabilia connected with Hideyoshi.

We all had good time and was easy to feel the history here.


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