2020.05.22 Because of the lifting of the state of emergency on 21st, May,  our regular classes will resume form 25th, May, next Monday. Please continue to wear your masks.

2020.04.07   To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, our regular classes will be closed temporarily from 8th, April. We will have on line lessons during the period.

2020.02.04 In order to prevent coronavirus, we prepared hand sanitizer and masks. Be sure to use them every day and please let us know if your temperature is over 37.5°.

2020.01.15      Today 14 students got their presents of a big box of instant heat pads as perfect attendance award for Nov, 2019 .

They make us heart warm…Perfect Attendance

2020.01.08  Because of typhoon, all lectures in this morning were cancelled.

2020.01.06  Today is the first day of school in the new year. We did Hatusmode, the first shrine visit of the new year.Click here to check the details. 2020 Hatsumode

2019.12.26 Please be informed that our school will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from December 28th to January 5th. School will open on January 6th as usual.

2019.12.23 We have prepared new dormitory  for our new coming students. Click here to check the details. New Dormitory

2019.12.17    Up to now most of our students who will graduate in next March have received offers from universities, colleges or employment.

2019.12.16 12.13 Our first-year students made a study tour of Panasonic-museum and Osaka Castle Park . Click here to check the details. Study Tour

2019.12.12  The information about Class Cancellations because of Weather, Climate, Earthquake Warning will be posted here as well as on the School Facebook for each grade.

2019.11.19 12 students got the presents of Perfect attendance award for Oct. 2019. Congratulations! Looking forward to the presents of next month.


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